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What Are Best Friends For

That was 2 years ago and Mary and Rhonda had become such life long friends. Actually more than friends, they were like sisters. The met every day for a quick morning run followed by a quite breakfast. It was so nice to have someone to talk to. While their husbands were at work, they would talk for hours. But as of late Rhonda noticed that something was bothering Mary. Here was her best friend, hurting, and she just had to find out why. "Mary, I've noticed that something is wrong. Is there something I should know"

With a hesitation in her voice, Mary replied, "No, every thing is fine."

"Now I know you better than that. I really want to help. But how can I if you don't tell me"

Silently, Mary sat fighting back the tears.

Inquiring more, Rhonda asked "Are you and Mark having problems"

"I guess we are, but it's not what you think. Mark is so good to me. He's kind, considerate, and so helpful around the house. Remember just the other night he stayed home with the kids while we went to the movie."

"So than what is it"

"I shouldn't probably say anything and you promise you'll never tell Mark that I told you any of this. Okay"

"I promise. Mary you really have me concerned. What is it"

"Well I'm sure that you have noticed that over the last two years while I have been working so hard to get back into shape, Mark has let himself go. Did you know he has gained 60 pounds during the same time He's over 300 pounds now."

"I knew he had gained some weight but didn't realize he weighed that much."

"He's gotten so big that… this is so embarrassing…" as Mary covers her face.

Trying to be as supportive as she could, Rhonda asks her to continue.

"Well, he just can't satisfy me anymore. Mark has always had a small penis. He couldn't even break my hymen. I ended up losing my cherry to a vibrator. But previously at least we could find some positions where every thing worked. Face it, we have two kids. But now, he either hurts me if he is on top, or he just can't reach inside me."

"How small is he"

"It's got to the point where his erection is maybe two inches long. We don't even try anymore. We have talked about it and we only end up getting into a fight."

Although she wanted to help, Rhonda thought what could she even do. All she was thinking was how gratify she was that Tom and her didn't have that problem. Tom was always ready to go and had no problem in fulfilling her. If anything, he was more than she could handle. Sitting there staring at her hands she realized that Mark couldn't be any larger than her thumb and her husband was longer than her whole hand. Just guessing he must be at least 8 inches. If only Tom could give Mark some of his extra.

Chapter 2

Mark exits his office building to see once again that he is the last one to leave. It had been a very busy year and after today's planning meeting it wasn't going to get any easier. Mary wasn't going to like what he had to tell her. Another weekend he'd be spending in the field office. That meant being away from home Friday night. That three hour drive didn't make sense to wait until Saturday morning. It was always simpler to drive down Friday night, check in to the motel and hit it early Saturday morning. At least he'd be home by Saturday evening and have part of a weekend at home.

Maybe it would be the best since things hadn't been going to well at home as of late. He still couldn't believe the last fight they had. Why couldn't she understand He provided everything she wanted or needed. But that wasn't enough. Seemed every night she was complaining that their sex life was gone. What did she say last night Oh, yes it had been 3 weeks. But his desire was gone. It was hard enough to get an erection, and now when he did she always said it wasn't big enough. So if he couldn't take care of her itch, she'd just have to do it herself. Basically that was what he had told Mary last night.

Maybe he could make it easier by arranging a weekend for Mary to get away as well. Mark's parents hadn't seen the kids for 2 months. His Mom could come up Friday and take the kids for the weekend. His wife had the kids all the time. Maybe Rhonda and her could go do something. Sure they went to the movie the other night, but maybe if he could free up a full day for just herself, maybe she would get off his back. Picking up the cell phone he called his parents.

"Hi Mom, you had mentioned last week that you hadn't seen the kids for sometime. If you and Dad are available, I wanted to see if you could take the kids for the weekend."

"Oh Mark, that would be great. Hopefully you and Mary can go do something together."

"Well actually I have to go to the field office Friday night, but was hoping back to spend at least Sunday together. Also would give Mary a break from the kids. She has them all the time."

"As far as I know we could pick them up Friday around noon and bring them back Monday."

"I haven't talked to Mary yet, but that should be fine. I'll call you back later this evening and let you know for sure."


"Thanks Mom, I'll call you later. Love you."

"Love you too."

Pulling into the driveway, it was time to face the music. Walking in the door, he could hear Mary was in the kitchen and smell that dinner was basically ready. No matter what time he got home she always had his dinner ready.

"Hi dear, dinner sure smells good. Have a good day"

"Oh it could have been better. But I'm doing fine now. How was your's"

Preparing for the worse, Mark said "Well I have some bad news. But before you get upset let me finish. Okay"

"What is it this time" Mary disgustingly said.

"Well I have to go back to the field office again. I'll need to leave from work Friday evening and won't be back until late Saturday. But I talked to Mom and they can pick up the kids for the weekend. Give you a chance to maybe do something just for yourself. Also we can have Sunday to ourself."

"You know that really sounds good. Let me call Rhonda and see what they are doing this weekend. Maybe we can go out. Let me call her and find out."

Tom was being his usual self. Rhonda had made the mistake of asking what he wanted for dinner. Looking down between her legs she could see the answer. Her husband was nibbling on her clit as he slid 2 fingers into her pussy. How he made her feel so good. As he picked up the pace, she could feel she was close to cumming. But now the phone was ringing. Tom slowed down but didn't stop as she answered the phone.


"Hi it's me. Mark just told me that I have a weekend to myself. He has to work and his parents can take the kids for the weekend. Do you and Tom have any plans'

Rhonda thought for a moment. Maybe it was what Mary had said this morning or maybe it was Tom's tongue on her clit. Whatever it was, Rhonda's wicked mind was at work.

"It would be great if you could come over. Actually you could stay the night. We have the spare room. We can either go out and party or better yet we could have a party here. What time will the kids be going"

"Sounds like they can pick them up anytime Friday afternoon."

"Why don't you come over around one and we can plan the details. I'll see what Tom and I can arrange before then."

"Sounds great. We can talk about it in the morning. Bye"

Looking down at Tom, Rhonda could remember everything that Mary had told her. Maybe this was how she could help her friend. Obviously Tom wouldn't mind. He had made it clear in the past that he thought Mary was very attractive. Although it had been some time, they previously had an open marriage. Both of their sexual drives were hard to satisfy, and sometimes it took more than one. But since Tom had taken over as construction crew lead he said he wanted to tone down the outside active. But this would be different. Mary was more like family.

Tom changes his attention to Rhonda's phone call. "Who was that"

"That was Mary. Mark has to work this weekend and the kids will be gone. She wanted to come over. I assume it would be fine."

As she said that, Rhonda could feel Tom's cock start to harden.

"Well you don't have to answer me, I think I have the answer. But there is something I need to talk to you about."

Tom listens as Rhonda retells Mary's and her conversation from that morning.

"I had no idea that they were having that kind of problem. You said you wanted to help. So what do you have in mind"

"Tom, I know you felt that we shouldn't have other partners anymore, but maybe we could make an exception for Mary."

By now Tom's cock was rock hard. And not to make it any easier, Rhonda had her hand wrapped around his shaft, slowly stroking him.

"I don't have a problem with it. But if she hasn't had this much cock, the two of you may be more than I can handle."

"I was thinking that too. Maybe we could invite someone else to join the party."

"I will check tomorrow. I have a couple of guys in mind. Ron and Steve are both single and might be up for some action."

Chapter 3

Mary pulls her car into Rhonda's drive. She said goodbye to Mark this morning and now the kids were with the in-laws. How different it seemed to be able to do whatever she wanted to do for a change. This was going to be fun. Rhonda and Tom were such good friends and she always enjoyed spending time with them.

Rhonda met her at the door. "Glad your here. Go put your things in the first room down the hall. I could use your help in the kitchen for a couple of minutes."

Mary sat your bag on the floor next to the king size bed and went to the kitchen. "Ok, how can I help"

"I think I'll have most of the food ready in 30 minutes but could you help with the drinks. They're over in the corner. Probably need to get the mixers and beverages chilling in the refrigerator. The rest of the alcohol needs to be setup in the living room. Other than than I think we are ready to go. Fix yourself something to drink and relax."

Mary looked in the box. Looks like Rhonda didn't forget anything. There was Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey and Scotch. Also several different mixers and wines. Definitely enough to get an army drunk. "Rhonda, how many people are you expecting"

"Tom thought he might invite several people. I just didn't know what everyone would like so I got a little bit of everything. Wanted to make sure that everyone has a good time."

Mary picked of the box and carried it into the living room. As she started to set everything up, Rhonda calls from the kitchen. "Speaking of having a good time. I picked up a few video tapes today. I think everyone will definitely have a good time watching them. If you want pop a few in and check them out."

Mary walks to the the TV and looks at the stack of video tapes. Looking at the title she could see what Rhonda was talking about. They were adult tapes. All were from the Adult Video store in town except one. It simply was titled #8. She picked it up and slipped it into the VCR.

The image on the screen indicated it was definitely taken with someone's video camera. There was a date of March 23 in the corner of the screen. The camera was setup in a bedroom. As the camera panned she recongized it as Rhonda and Tom's bedroom. The camera stops and zooms in to Rhonda setting in the middle of bed. She was dressed in a light blue robe. Although it was loosely tied at the waist, Rhonda's lace bra was clearly visible. The camera zooms back so the entire bed is in frame and Tom walks into frame. He is only wearing a pair of underwear.

Mary wanted to turn it off. But she couldn't. She could feel her heart rate increasing and she was getting more excited by the minute. She felt like a voyuer watching her best friend.

Tom sits on the bed and slowly unties Rhonda's robe. Lifting it from her shoulders, the robe drops to the bed. As Tom reaches for Rhonda's breast, Rhonda has found her way to Tom's shorts. Rhonda massages the front of Tom's shorts. The bulge in his shorts is very visible. From what Mary could see, Tom must be huge. Tom unhooks Rhonda's bra exposing her breasts. Mary had seen them many times but it was different this time. Watching her with Tom was a whole now experience.

Rhonda lies back as Tom lies besiide her. Moving closer Tom takes Rhonda's right nipple in his mouth. His hand finds it's way to Rhonda's panties. Slipping his hand inside her panties he pulls them down. Tom sits up as the camera admires Rhonda nude body in their bed. Tom reaches down and removes his shorts as well. Mary couldn't believe her eyes. Tom was even larger than she thought. He had to be at least 8 inches long. Tom returns his attention to Rhonda's pussy. Tom leans down and kisses Rhonda's shaved lips. As he rolls in bed, Rhonda is drawn on top of him. As the camera films a closeup shot of Rhonda's pussy and ass, Tom is licking and sucking Rhonds's clit. At the same time Rhonda in slowly drawing Tom's cockhead into her mouth.

Mary is so consumed by the video, she didn't hear Rhonda walk into the room. She is only brought back to reality as she feels Rhonda's hand take the remote from her hand.

"So what do you think"

"Did you really want me to see that"

"Tom and I was hoping you would. But you haven't answered me."

"You two are so unbelievable. I had no idea. And Tom… he's so huge."

"Yes isn't he great. Tom likes to video tape us. We have several tapes now. Your welcome to watch as many of them as you like. But if you go along with me tonght I suppect that not only can you see it in person, we can probably both see a couple more big cocks. Tom is inviting two young guys from work. I have a game in mind that when we win we will get a great show from all three of them."

"What kind of game"

"Don't worry about it now. Just think about it. You can let me know when they show up. But for now we need to get ready. The guys will be here in an hour. I don't know about you but I need a shower before I get ready."

Mary returns to her bedroom to decide what she was going to wear and to think about Rhonda's offer. Was this for real And if so, how could she go through with it She was married. But then she remembered what Mark had said the other night. If she wanted to be satisfied she'd have to do it herself. He sure wasn't able to. And besides, this could be fun. Obviously Rhonda didn't have a problem with her seeing Tom. She was just going to go with the flow. Whatever happens this weekend happens.

Mary grabs up her clothes and enters the bathroom. He turns on the water to the shower and undresses. She hears the doorknob turn and Rhonda enters the bathroom.

"Mind if I join you"

Although they had showered at the same time in the gym this was a little different. They had never been alone before. Maybe they shouldn't. But then again why not Finally Mary said, "Sure, I could use someone to wash my back."

They both stepped into the shower. It was a little smaller than what Mary expected. Rhonda's breasts were pressed against hers. The water cascading down their body's. Rhonda reaches out with the bar of soap and gently rubs Mary's neck and breasts. She leans forward and rubs her body against Mary's body. Mary was amazed how wonderful it felt. They were so close. They took turns carressing and rubbing each others body.

Mary leans back as Rhonda slowly moves down her body. Electricity went through her body as Rhonda opened her legs and began soaping her pussy. Rhonda parts Mary's labia. Although she had seen Mary's pussy many times, she had never touched her like this. She resisted the temptation to slip her tongue inside Mary's wet pussy. Maybe she would later. For now, She would have to wait.

Ending their shower, Mary and Rhonda had to quickly dress. Tom was going to be home soon.
Chapter 4

As Tom recalled, Rhonda was to turn on the porch light if the party was still on. That way he could let Ron and Steve know what to expect. If Mary wasn't interested or not even there, the night was going to be uneventful. Rhonda had made it clear she didn't to take all three of them on tonight. Pulling into the drive he could see the light was on. Ron and Steve were setting in the back seat. Tom hadn't been real clear about the party tonight other than Tom's wife had a friend that had a sexual problem she needed some help with. For some reaon , her husband wasn't able to satisfy her.

As they get out of the car Tom fills them in. "Okay, before we go in, the woman's name is Mary. She's the brown haired one. As you may recall, my wife's name is Rhonda. Rhonda and Mary have been friends for several years. She found out the other day that Mary's husband has a short dick and for some time hasn't been able to get a big enough erection to fully penetrate her. I doubt Rhonda has filled Mary in on all of the details of this party. But remember, we are to only go as far as Mary wants to go. I don't want her to feel like see is forced in anyway. We don't wat her to cry rape. You both understand'

"Sure. No problem here" Steve said.

"Same here. That's the last thing I want to do" Ron replied.

"Now another thing. Rhonda doesn't know this, but I have a couple of video camera's setup. They are both hidden and on timers. One is in the living room and should have started 5 minutes ago. The other is in the spare bedroom aand will start later. I am doing this mainly for everyone's protection. If you guys fuck up, it will be recorded. But if Mary has second thoughts later, I'll have every little premission she gave on tape. She won't be able to say she wasn't a willing participant. Okay now lets's go and have a fuckin' good time."

Mary looks up as Tom walks in the door. Seeing him, her mind races to the video tape. She had always been attracted to him. How could she not Tom was 6'4", curly sandy blonde hair and deep blue eyes. The construction work always kept himself in good shape. She had seen his firm body several times in a swimsuit, she always tried not to notice the package in is trunks. But now that was all she could think about. Ron comes over and gives Rhonda a kiss and turns to Mary and gives her a hug and kiss on the cheek. Mary's knees almost buckles as she feels his body press against her. Tom releases his hug and turns to introduce his friends waiting at the door.

"Mary this is Steve. We have been working together for three years now. Steve is on the roofing crew."

Steve was strikingly different compared to Tom. Although he was fairly tall at 6'2", he had a very slender build. He only tipped the scales at 165#. All the climbing around on roofs kept him very lean but muscular too. His hair was coal black and he had brown eyes. Where Tom had little body hair, Steve sported a very hairy chest.

Steve comes over to Rhonda and Mary. Remembering what Tom had said, he cautiously gives Rhonda and Mary each a quick hug. Mary found herself disappointed that Steve hadn't given her a longer hug. Hopefully he wasn't disappointed in what he saw. She was at least 10 years older than Steve, hopefully that wasn't a problem. She had little time to think about it. Tom continues with the introductions.
"And Mary, this is Ron. He is new to my crew."

Rhonda was even surprised with what she saw. Ron was a 6'4" black male. His hair was very short and curly. His body looked like it must be chiseled out of pure muscle. Rhonda was pleased with the selections that her husband had made.

Ron too hesitated as he walked over to the two women. He couldn't believe his eyes. They were both beautiful. Hopefully this evening played out as Tom was expecting. He would love to get his cock in these two white women's cunts. But remembering what Tom said, he played it cool. Ever so much so, that he simply shook their hands. He noticed how his hand totally engulfed their small hands.

After a few minutes of small talk, Rhonda decided to get the party started. "I'm sure you guys are getting hungry. Mary can you help me bring the food in from the kitchen while you guys fix yourself something to drink. Mary and I already have ours."

When they got into the kitchen Rhonda turns to Mary and whispers "Want to go through with it"

Mary already knew her answer. How could she not Steve was a dream. Also she had never seen a black male before. "Definitely! How could I pass this up. Do you know how long it's been since I seen any man besides Mark"

"Now your not going to feel guilty later are you"

"I don't think so. Besides Mark told me that he couldn't help me. So if I was going to get satisified I'd have to take care of it myself. To hell with him. If he thinks I'm going to masturbate for the rest of my life, then HE can fuck himself. But then he probably can't even do that."

"Well then we might has well get this party started."

When Mary and Rhonda returned with the food, the guys were sitting on the floor. Little did Mary know, this was where the camera was focused to. Mary sat her platter on the floor and sat down on the floor next to Tom. Rhonda sat her food down as well, but instead of having a seat on the floor, she went to the closet. She opened the door and pulled out a Monopoly Game. Returning to the group she set next to Mary. It was time to make the evening interesting.

"As you can see I pulled out our Monopoly Game. But this isn't going to be regular Monopoly. While we eat let me expalin the rules."

This seemed to peak everyones interest. Rhonda starts running down the rules.

"The basic rules are the same. The goal is to acquire as much property as you can and ty to build monopolies. But we are going to play Adult Monopoly.
Rule 1: Everyone will start with $1500. As in the normal game you will receive $200 each time you play GO. But to make the game more interesting you must take a drink to receive your money.
Rule 2: You must land on a propery to purchase it. However, if another property in that monopoly is owned by someone else, you must remove one article of clothing when you buy the property.
Rule 3: As in the regular game, you can only add houses and hotels when you own a monopoly.
Rule 4: When landing on Luxury Tax, Chance or Community Chest you must take a drink.
Rule 5: Landing on Income Tax you must take a drink for each article of clothing still on.
Rule 6: When you go to jail you lose an article of clothing. You must roll doubles by the 3rd turn to get out. Otherwise you lose another article of clothing.
Rule 7: Landing on Free parking or Just Visiting are safe areas.
Rule 8: This is the last rule. Paying rent. Over the last couple of days I have made up some action cards. There are 5 levels. Level 1 is selected when one property is sold. Level 2 when two properties are sold. Level 3 when all proerties are sold until it is a monopoly. Level 4 will be for monopolies without Hotels. Level 5 is for Hotels." The actions cards are to be acted out by the owner of the property and the person that lands on the property. For example, if I landed on one of Tom's properties I would have to french kiss him."

Steve thought about the rules for a few minutes and asked "But what if I landed on one of Ron's properties. I don't know about Ron but I have not desire to have his tongue in my mouth."

"Don't worry about that. If any of you three land on anothers property you can pass without a penality. But since there are three of you guys and only two of us, Mary and I will play as a team. At least we can give each other a break."

Rhonda winked at Mary. She understood now. If they were combining as a team they had more clothes then any of the guys. They would have the guys stripped before the were half undressed.

As everyone finished eating, Rhonda set up the game.

Everyone took a turn at rolling the dice. Ron got to start first and landed on Oriental Avenue. Taking advantage of being first he now owned a property.

Tom was next. His roll ended on Chance. Easy enough and took a drink of his beer.

Next was Mary and Rhonda's turn. They rolled a five and ended on Reading Railroad. What luck. If any of the guys landed on the other three railroad he would lose some clothes.

Steve completed the first round landing on St. Charles place. Everyone made it by without losing any clothes.

The next few rounds were fairly uneventful. Everyone landed on open squares. But by now most of the property was purchased. Rhonda and Mary had made it by with only losing 2 articles of clothing. They each removed there shoes. Ron had the least luck. He had already lost 3 pieces of clothing. The last was his shirt. But now it was going to get interesting. On they next roll, Mary landed on St. James place which was owned by Steve. She grabbed the first Level 1 card and read it "Male, have female stand while you stand in front of her. Explore her lips one at a time by kissing lightly, playfully, teasing."

Steve stood and turn Mary's hand as she stood up. Drawing her closer, their lips met. Steve's gentle kisses were so welcome. All too soon they parted lips.

As time passed, the game was getting more exciting. All three of the guys were now setting in their underwear. And as Rhonda expected, Mary and her were still almost completely dressed. Rhonda had lost her shoes, nylons and blouse. Mary still had everything but her shoes and stockings.

But it was Mary's turn to roll the dice again. This time she landed on Vermont Avenue. Looking over at Ron's cards, she saw he owned that property. He also owned Oriental Avenue. She started to grab a level 2 card but Tom was quick to remind her that he had Connecticut Avenue. That was all three properties. So she instead took a level 3 card. Reading the card out loud, "Female, have male sit on the couch. Sit on top of him straddling his Cock. Grind your Pussy into his Cock as you run your Breasts up and down his face and chest."

Looking at Ron, Mary notices his big smile. Also she could see the large tent in his shorts. She hesitated. What had she gotten herself into Not only was she going to have a stranger's cock pressed against her pussy, she was about to do this in front of three other people. Grabbing Ron's hand she followed the instruction and lead him to the couch.

As Ron sat down, Mary raised her skirt and squarely sat her pussy against Ron's cock. Only two thin pieces of material separated her clit from Ron's cockhead. Ron reaches behind her and places his hands onto her ass. Mary slowly unbuttons her blouse exposing her bra covered breasts to Ron. Leaning front she offers her breasts to Ron's waiting mouth. Ron draws Mary's breast into his mouth and closes his lips around her nipple. Mary begins grinding Ron's cockhead into her clit. Ron slowly raises his hips to match her movements.

After a few thrusts, Mary can feel her panties being pushed into her pussy. Ron's cloth covered cock had was in her pussy. What Mary hadn't realized was the Ron's cock was no longer in his underwear. Her panties easily stretched to allow almost 4 inches of his cock into Mary's pussy. Mary could tell that Ron was filling her more than Mark ever had. It felt so good she forgot about the other three watching.
They continued rocking together allowing Ron's cock to slowly slide in and out of Mary's wet pussy. As Ron enters again, Mary feels her panties slip. Ron's cock pushes her panties aside and enters her deeper. Mary gasps. No man had ever entered her this deep before. She also was having her first black cock.

The sound of Rhonda's voice brought them back to reality. "Hey you two, are you going to let the rest of us play. You've been at it for over 5 minutes." Sadly Mary feels Ron's cock exit her pussy.

Chapter 5

Continuing to play, the moment Rhonda had promised was about to come. Steve picked up the dice and rolled. Counting out his move, he landed on Go to Jail. Rhonda announces, "Ok Steve, looks like your out of clothes. So hand those shorts over. But take your time. Mary and I want to get a good look." Rhonda had been keeping the pile of their clothes behind her.

Steve stood up. Putting his hand behind his back he says, "Rather than my taking them off, I'll let the two of you have the honor."

Mary didn't need a second invitation. She quickly crawled over to the other side of Steve. Rhonda and her both began lowering Steve's shorts revealing Steve's pubic hair. Continuing Mary could see part of his cock. Finally Steve's cock sprang out. Mary sat there and admired what she saw. She wanted so much to reach out and touch his beautiful cock. Her hand draws near. Rhonda stops her, "No, that may be later. For now we only can remove his underwear." Steve steps out of his shorts and stands completely naked in front of them. Rhonda told him he was a good sport and said he could set down.

As the game continued, Tom surveyed the board game. Rhonda's rules had worked out quite well. But there needed to be a few changes. For one, the three of guys were now sitting nude while the girls still had a ways to go. His wife was down to her bra and panties. Fortunately they were semi-transparent. A fact that Steve and Ron have already pointed out. But he wanted to see more of Mary. Not only did she still have her underclothes she still was wearing her skirt. Also, he was never going to get to play a level 4 card. Not only did he not have a monopoly but the girls didn't have one either. Only Steve and Ron had monopolies.

"Rhonda, you didn't cover one of the rules."

"What rule is that"

"Are we allowed to sell or trade properties"

Rhonda knew what he was getting at. She too had noticed that there were few chances the game was going to advance much further. She also knew the cards that were in the stacks. But she had to be careful. Otherwise they would only be playing level 5 cards. Everyone had money to fill their monopolies with hotels.

"Well I guess that would be fair. But one thing. You can only be involved in a trade if you don't already have a monopoly. Sorry Steve and Ron that leaves you two out."

Everyone agreed that was fair. Besides four monopolies would be enough. Tom surveys his properties and the girls properties. "How about if I traded my Pacific Avenue for your Kentucky Avenue."

Rhonda talked it over with Mary. She pointed out the if they did, each of them would have a monopoly but also the monopolies would all be in a row. If they traded, it would be almost impossible to get through that half of the board. It was up to her.

Mary too looked at the board. She was the next to roll. Where she was currently on the board, she would be coming up the last monopoly. But it would be theirs. That would give her a safe area to land. "Ok, let's do it."

As Rhonda and Tom traded the properties, Mary rolled the dice. A five and Go to Jail. The worst roll she could have. Not only was she going to lose so more clothes but she immediately moved to the front of all the monopolies. But she agreed so she wasn't going to complain. Removing her skirt she was now in jail.

Over her next three moves she couldn't roll doubles. Now she had to remove her bra leaving only her panties. But at least she wasn't alone..Rhonda had had her bad luck too. She had landed on the last two unsold properties and ended up losing the remainder of her clothes. The guys told her they were not going to buy anymore properties so she might as well buy them now instead of later. Steve and Ron were even more impressed when they saw Rhonda's cleanly shaved pussy.

Counting out her move, Mary landed on St. James. Steve's monopoly. Steve had been busy. He had a set of hotels. Feeling the wetness flow in her pussy, Mary held her breathe. Reading the card to herself she paused. Rhonda was definitely kinky. Now reading it out load, "Female, lay on the floor. Male has decided that your hair needs a trim. He will remove your remaining lower clothes. Spread your legs and allow him to shave you clean." Mary could feel the embrassment surge as she laid back. Steve was going to return the favor by removing the last peice of clothing that she was wearing.

Tom went to the bathroom and got the equipment. He had shaved Rhonda many times and knew what to do. Hopefully Steve did. By the time he returned, Steve had already removed Mary's panties. He stopped in his tracks. The site was awesome. Fortunately, he was capturing this all on video tape. Laying before him was Mary's full bush. He could tell she never shaved. She was definitely going to look different. Steve was laying between her legs stroking her pubes. He was also running his tongue along Mary's inner thigh. Ron had also moved closer and was knelling next to Mary. He was slowly stroking his cock as Mary cupped his balls with her hand. Tom for the first time really saw how big Ron was. Ron put him to shame. Not only was Ron thicker than his own cock, Ron was 9 to 10 inches long. Not to be left out, Tom saw his wife working on Mary's breasts. Although they were not as big as Rhonda's, they were very nice.

Leaning forward, Ron offered his cockhead to Mary's mouth. Parting her lips, she felt Ron's cockhead enter. She could tell he was being gentle. She rolled her tongue across the tip tasting Ron's precum for the first time. How different it was to have a hard cock in her mouth. Sure she had given Mark many blowjobs. But he rarely got fully erect before he would cum.

Tom sat down next to Steve. "I see you all couldn't wait to start. But I believe Steve you have a job to do." Rhonda agreed and slid down to watch.

Although Ron wanted to watch as well, Mary had other ideas. She won't release his cock. So Ron brought his leg over her, straddling Mary's shoulder. This allowed him to offer her his full cock. Leaning forward he now had a view of Mary's pussy. Hopefully he could last in this position. His stroking had been replaced by Mary sucking, as she was doing her best to take his cock.

Mary could feel Steve beginning to work on her bush. Was he really going to shave her clean Mark would definitely notice something was different. But she would worry about that later. She could also hear Tom giving Steve directions.

"Take these scissors and trim the hairs short. Most of her pubes are over an inch long. Way too long to shave."

Steve set back when he finished. Mary's pussy already looked different. Tom continued. "Now take this warm damp cloth and cover her pussy while you get the cream ready." After putting the cloth in place, Tom handed him a cup. Inside was a brush like barber's use. Steve whipped the shaving cream into a thick lather.
"Next, remove the cloth and start applying the lather."
When finished, Tom handed him the razor. "Now be careful with this. We don't want to cut her. You have to keep her skin tight. Also try not to shave across the grain."

Mary could feel the razor slide across her skin. She could also feel several hands pulling her skin tight.. As the razor moved closer to her labia, she felt Steve's fingers enter her pussy. She let off as soft moan. She may have done more except she was still sucking on Ron's cock. As she sucked, Ron was slowly fucking her mouth. She was surprised how much of Ron's cock she could take. His cockhead was sliding into her throat and she had over half of his cock in her mouth. She was actually proud of herself.

When Steve finished, the three of them sat back to admire their work. Tom looked to Rhonda for approval. Seeing it was okay, Tom whispers to Steve "She's all yours.""

Mary could feel the firmness as Steve cock pressed against her pussy. She could also feel Tom and Rhonda spreading her legs wider. As Steve pushes harder, he buries his cock deep into her pussy. She was in heaven. Steve was fucking her hard. Exactly what she needed. After a few thrusts she felt her orgasm peaking. She also felt a swelling like she had never felt before. Steve was getting ready to cum. Ron had also picked his pace up as well. As she went over the edge, she felt Steve release his sperm in her pussy. She had never felt cum so deep in her pussy. She could tell Ron was not far behind. With a sudden jolt, her mouth was filled with Ron's cum. Mary couldn't believe how much Ron was releasing. She did her best to swallow as much as she could.

As Ron removed his cock, Mary felt Rhonda's kisses on her cheek. They slowly moved to her mouth as Rhonda began licking the remainder of Ron's cum that had trickled from her mouth. Rhonda continued to lick Mary's face clean. Finally she had gotten to Mary's lips. Their lips embraced. Rhonda's tongue became exploring Mary's mouth looking for more of Ron's cum.

Not to be left out, Tom replaced Steve. By now Mary's pussy was fully stretched and easily accepted Tom's cock. She was also well lubricated from Steve's cum. Tom drew Mary's legs up to his shoulders. Leaning forward he drove his cock deep in Mary's pussy as he watched Mary and his wife passionly kiss. He was going to fuck her hard. His wife knew how long he could last. He was going to wait until Mary couldn't take anymore. Mary was bucking beneath him. She was experiencing orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. Finally she begs that she had had enough. With that Tom released his seed into Mary as another orgasm exploded.

Rhonda sat up and admired her work. Her best friend had experienced an unbelievable night. "Well I guess we can declare this game is over."

Chapter 6

The evening was getting late. For the last several hours Tom had been playing their video tapes. It was like he knew every second of those tapes. Tom would fast forward to the best parts. The guys were currently watching a time she masturbated for the camera. The camera captured every moment. Her laying on top of Tom as she inserted his cock into her ass. While Tom fucked her from behind, she inserted a dildo into her pussy.

Looking over at Mary, she could see she was half asleep. "Mary, looks like you are ready for bed."

"Yes, I think I'll go lay down for awhile."

"That's a good idea. Tom wasn't going to take Steve and Ron home until the morning. You can see them again when you wake up."

Mary went around the room and gave everyone a kiss. Going to her bed, she pulled back the blanket and slid into bed. How good it feel. Her mind recalled the evening as she went to sleep.

Mary is awaken to a movement in bed. She looks over and saw Steve climbing into the bed. As she turns, she feels that Tom is lying asleep next to her. He must have gotten in bed earlier. Steve moves closer and kisses her. Mary was still tired. She only wanted to cuddle. Steve sensed this and held her in his arms. As Mary laid there,.she could hear Rhonda in the next room.

Rhonda was going to get all of the black cock she could get. She had made sure that Mary got her fill. Now it was her turn. She had Ron beneath her and his cock was buried deep inside her. She was riding his cock while Ron held her tits in his hands. Rhonda bore down on Ron taking in all of his cock. She could feel his cock pressed against her cervix. This was more than she could take. Her felt her pussy tighten as her orgasm peaked. She milked Ron's cock driving Ron over the edge. He erupted once again filling Rhonda's pussy with his cum.

Mary had lost track of how many times she had been fucked. She knew she was fucked in the living room. She was awaken this morning with Tom fucking her in bed. Rhonda told her that Ron and Steve also fucked her while she was passed out. Steve even fucked her in the shower. She had just finished 24 hours of sex. For the first time in her life she was completely satisfied. But she knew it wouldn't last for long. Before they left, Mary made plans for Ron to come to her house on Sunday. Somehow she would get Mark out of the way.

Rhonda knew it was time for Mary to go home. She also knew that she had changed her best friend's life.

"Mary, I'm sure this was more than you expected. I hope your okay"

"Why yes! I feel wonderful. I couldn't be happier. I just need to figure out how to let it continue. Mark will be back tonight. Tomorrow everything will be back to normal."

"The only advice I can give you is for you to take control of your life. Mark doesn't own you. You can try to do it behind his back. But at some point he will find out. The longer you wait the more difficult it's going to be."

"You think I should tell him now"

"I would wait until he asks. But when he does, don't lie or hold anything back. Just hold your ground and tell him the way it's going to be. My guess is you will be surprised at his response. Until then, Tom is always available to you."

Chapter 7

Mark walks into his bedroom. It had been a long day. They didn't finished up until 7:00 and with his three hour drive home, it was after 10:00. Maybe he could sleep in tomorrow morning. He could see that Mary had already gone to bed.

Mark prepared for bed. As he slid into bed, Mary stirred. Without her waking up, his wife curled up next to him. She had a peaceful smile on her face. Hopefully she had a good time last night. He'd find out in the morning.

Morning came too quick for Mark. As he got out of bed he looked over at Mary. She was laying nude in bed. Even with the way that she had been acting as of late, this was unusual for her. It had been over a week since he had seen her body. He then saw something totally different. Between her legs was her bare shaven pussy. Why had she done that. He had told her more than once he didn't like that look.

Looking closer he noticed something else. Mary had numerous marks on her thighs and breasts. What had happened while he was gone Well it was time to find out.

"Mary, wake up!"

Mary, realized that it was time for some answers. What was she going to say She knew that after this weekend, she couldn't go back to the life she had. "Morning dear, how was your trip"

"My trip was fine. But what happened to you"

Mary could see Mark looking at her shaved pussy. "I shaved it off. I hope you can get use to it. I don't have any plans of growing it back. Why don't you come closer and that a closer look." With that she spread her legs to reveal herself to her husband.

Mark stood there watching his wife. She had never acted this way before. She laid there, legs spread, one hand spreading her pussy lips while the other rubbed her clit. As he moved closer Mark could smell the scent of her pussy. He had told her to take care of herself. Guess she was showing him how she could.

"But why did you do it You know I don't like that."

"Rhonda put me up to it. She has shaved her's for some time."

"So you let Rhonda shave your private area"

Mary hesitated. "Well sort of."

By now Mark could tell the marks on Mary's legs were bite marks. "Rhonda did do it, didn't she"

Mary wasn't going to lie. "Well she was there."

Mark tried to put the pieces together. "You're telling me she had help"

Mary remembered what Rhonda had told her. If she told Mark the true she'd better be ready to take charge. "Now stop right there! You made it very clear a couple of days ago that if I wanted to be satisfied, I was going to have to do it myself. I believe you said you couldn't help me. So now you don't have to worry about it anymore. I have found where I can get what I need."

Mark was in shock. He sat on the bed as Mary told him every detail that happened while he was gone. Tears came to his eyes as he heard how his wife had fucked by three different men.

"I hope you can understand. I'm not asking for forgiveness. In fact, I plan on doing it again. Just from now on I'm not doing it behind your back. Ron's coming here this afternoon. It's up to you if you are here when he shows up. One way or the other, I'm going to get fucked this afternoon."

Chapter 8

Ron was very surprised when Mary invited him to her house. He figured that once she had her fill the other night, that would be last time he would hear from her. But here he was standing at her doorstep. He was even more surprised when Mark answered the door.

"You must be Ron. Come on it. Mary is expecting you."

Ron didn't know what to say. He actually thought about turning and running. Last thing he wanted to do was get in a fight over a woman.

"As you can probably guess, I'm Mary's husband. She told me everything. Don't get me wrong. I'm not thrilled about this. But then again, I'm not going to stop her. We had a long talk this afternoon. Maybe the best one we have had in a long time. I know why you are here and I know who she loves. I just can't be both. Have a seat. Mary's in the shower getting ready."

Ron and Mark filled the time with some small talk. Finally Mary entered the room. Mark cringed when he saw his wife standing in the doorway. She was wearing a sheer robe, but she might have been wearing nothing at all. Ron rose from his chair and walked toward her. Mark watched as though it was in slow moment. As Ron greeted her, Mary kissed him. Ron's hands where drawn to her breasts. Taking Ron by the hand, Mary lead him to their bedroom.

Mary started to close the door. But seeing Mark sitting in the corner, she decided to leave it open. She wanted to be open with her husband and wasn't about to shut him out now.

Mark thought about leaving. Could he just sit there while some other man had sex with his wife He could see into their bedroom. Mary and Ron's reflection could be seen in the dresser mirror. Mark couldn't help but watch his wife and her lover.

Mary released the tie around her robe and allowed it to fall to the floor. Ron thought she looked even better than she did the other night. Maybe it was from knowing that she was sober and was willingly giving herself to him. Mary slowly worked at the buttons on Ron's shirt. Once removed, Mary began kissing his chest and sucking on his nipples. Gradually she moved down his body until she reached his belt. As she loosened his belt, Ron looked down and gazed into Mary's eyes. Without looking away, Mary began removing Ron's pants. Ron stepped out of them. Mary kissed and carassed his cock through his shorts.

Mary glanced over at the mirror and sees her husband's reflection. She now knew he was watching Mary hesitates knowing this moment was going to change the rest of their lives. Reaching up she slowly lowers Ron's shorts. Ron's cock was everything that she remembered. Placing both hands around his shaft she began stroking her lover's cock. Within a few seconds he had a full erection.

Mark could understand his wife's desire for Ron. The man's cock was huge. Mary had told him that Ron had a 10 inch cock. Now he believed her. He watched his wife slowly take Ron's cock in her mouth. Unbelievably she was taking most of his cock. As if in a trance, Mark was drawn to the room. He tried to resist but his body wouldn't let him. He slowly moved toward the door.

Ron saw Mark enter the room. He could tell Mark was focused in Mary and his cock. If he wanted to watch it was fine with him. But he might as well see it all. Ron reaches down and lifts Mary to her feet. He lays her on the bed and kneels down between her legs. With his hands, Ron parts her pussy lips. He slowly slides his tongue into her pussy. Her pussy tasted so good. Her pussy was so wet. Ron knew she was ready. Sliding up, Ron draws his cock toward Mary's waiting pussy. As he entered, she wrapped her legs around him drawing him deeper inside.
Ron cock felt even better than she remembered. Obviously the alcohol had affected the previous day. The sensation now was incredible. Ron's cock was buried so deep inside her. Although she was completely filled she wanted more. She kept trying. Finally she could feel Ron's balls pressing against her. She had taken all Ron had. She could feel Ron stop as he was buried completely in her. Her eyes were closed as she focused on squeezing her pussy around Ron's cock. Not only was he deep inside her, she could feel him getting larger. His hips began slowly pushing his cock deeper in. As he gradually picked up speed she knew they were both about to cum. Her screams of passion were met with Ron's eruption.

As Ron fills her pussy, she opened her eyes. She sees her husband standing next to the bed. He leans over and gives her a kiss.

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